Current nem foundation president

0 will now focus on transparency, streamlined operations and product development.

Io foundation president alex tinsman the right.

Hi, i want to tell you why im running for nem foundation president and what my plans are for the nem foundation.

Current nem foundation president

Io establishment helps lee to accomplish this by allowing him the chance to encourage enterprises to embrace nem blockchain technology to aid development and economic progress.

Alex tinsman, nem foundation president candidate.

Looking ahead and led by newly elected president alex tinsman, nem.

Current nem foundation president

Btc futures inch closer.

Get to know his insights about nem as a blockchain and its next core, known as catapult.

Nem foundation vice president jason lee, shares his.

Hi, i work with nem for almost 2 years and will continue to do so in future in spite of any results of this elections.

Stanley exec joins former.

Total shares sponsored initial.