First ever vericoin party

Vericoin and verium claim to be the first dual blockchain protocol technology that pairs a digital currency with a digital reserve.

Vericoin cointelegraph.

On monday, july 28, the bitcoin center of new york city hosted the first ever vericoin party.

First ever vericoin party

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Vericoin party at the bitcoin center nyc major success.

Bitcoin center nyc, the citys only brick-and-mortar institution dedicated to the further adoption of bitcoin, announced today that it will host the first ever vericoin party on monday, july 28.

First ever vericoin party

Basically veritalk in chinese, finnish, french, german and portugese.

The vericoin party, which took place at the nyc bitcoin center had a great turn out and those on hand were interested in learning about the latest altcoin set t.

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The two specialized chains embody two specific technologies that when coupled, will exponentially enhance the best of both technologies.