Hedera hashgraph next generation

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Hedera hashgraph next generation

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Token tank presents hedera hashgraph next generation distributed consensus mance harmon.

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Hedera hashgraph next generation

Bitcoin is famous as the cryptocurrency that introduced us to blockchain, a decentralized and transparent public ledger that used distributed computing to record transactions.

Fast achieve fast, low-latency transactions with guaranteed finality in seconds, not minutes or hours.

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Several experts describe hashgraph as a continuation of where the idea of blockchain begins while some consider it as an alternative to it, a technology known as first generation and typified by severe speed, fairness, cost, and security constraints.

Episode 5 on this episode of tokentank, we invite mance harmon, ceo of hederahashgraph, to discuss the significance of abft consensus, how hashgraphs arc.

For many people, when they hear about blockchain or distributed ledgers, their response is less about how these technologies work and more about so what can this technology do for me.