The omnitude ecosystem

Omnitude is to build an e-commerce ecosystem by creating a tool-kit that will address many of the flaws in the e-commerce industry and allow developers to develop applications for the e-commerce industry. Omnitude is a hyperledger-based blockchain connectivity ecosystem that will be able to work with any other blockchain service providers.

The omnitude ecosystem.

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The omnitude ecosystem

The omnitude ico and ecom token connects blockchain technologies to existing ecommerce platforms and enterprise systems. Star jerome flynn.

Omnitude to move ecom token to the stellar network.

The omnitude foundation will be a not for profit entity, committed to the development, governance and growth of the omnitude ecosystem. Titan ventures carlos.

The omnitude ecosystem

Its applications have proven to be useful for the future of the internet. There are many innovations that are coming up ever since the inception of blockchain in 2008.

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Omnitude - ico hot list.

Our hearts and our prayers go out to the people of tennessee who are struggling with extraordinary wildfires. Brief idea of omnitude ecosystem the platform will be developing on hyperledger which is an open source global project run by the linux foundation.

Interoperability is a pressing demand in the blockchain world, and through its platform and an application ecosystem, omnitude intends to connect new tech to current software. Omnitude core brings together the best of hyperledger technology incorporating the latest and innovative hyperledger fabric and indy frameworks (release 1.

Merchant, customer, supplier, courier, affiliate referrer, or omnitude specialist) will be able to join the omnitude ecosystem. We are focused on bringing the benefits of this new disruptive technology to future facing enterprises that recognise its transformative role in bringing realworld commercial advantage.